IT Workforce Accelerator

Student Testimonials

I attended the Healthcare Instructional Design course offered by the Bradley IT Workforce Accelerator program last year. I learned a lot about different learning and teaching styles to help me in my current job. I apply everything I learned in that course each day but especially when I am developing education for nurses. I enjoyed the program so much that I recommended that my husband attend a few of the other IT Workforce Accelerator courses being offered. He starts his classes soon and is looking forward to enhancing his career opportunities.
Nursing Professional Development Specialist 4H, 6C

The Workforce Accelerator Program helped me to brush up on knowledge I learned in college. I was grateful for the wide selection of classes and the ease of being able to work on the courses around my work and personal life. I would recommend the program to anyone wanting to learn new skills or refresh what they may already know.

Bobby Lucia did a great job putting together a clear and concise educational experience covering the topic of telehealth medicine.  It provides a broad overview of the topic as well as tips and pearls that I can implement in my practice immediately.  Time well spent!
Christopher, MD, FAAFP, CSCS

I thought the course I took was great. In addition to learning very specific concepts and ideas about instructional design and teaching, it stretched me in many ways that were fun and also challenging. I’ve changed my practice in a couple specific ways and a few more general ways. So, bottom line, I’m really glad I took the course and I did benefit from it in many ways both professional and personal.

I learned about IT Workforce Accelerator through a poster at the Cullom-Davis Library. When I checked the website, I was surprised at how many courses they offered. Also, the courses are 100 percent online, which is very convenient. I like how the course is designed and how much time we have to do the assignments. I have two weeks left to complete a second course, and I already registered for a third course. I have already told my friends in the area about the website and the courses. More importantly, I am taking these courses to make myself more marketable in the IT workforce.

I was happy to be part of this program because the courses I took helped me to get a permanent job and achieve my goals. I am sure this program helped many people to gain knowledge. 
A Fredy

I temporarily paused my career to support my family, but now I’m eager to re-enter the workforce. To enhance my employability, I enrolled in an IT Workforce Accelerator program where I completed courses in Java 1, Java 2, Web Frontend 1, and Web Frontend 2. I recognize the importance of staying abreast of the latest technologies, and I proudly display my certification badges on my LinkedIn profile. That helps me get more opportunities, and the Bradley Careers team assists me in setting up my resume and finding job opportunities. Despite the challenges, I found invaluable support from the program’s very experienced professors. They provided materials and explained each and every concept thoroughly, clearing any doubts and promptly replying to emails. I am very glad I found this program! I definitely recommend the IT workforce Accelerator program to anyone who has taken a break from their career. This program helps boost your career with new technologies and updated information. It’s a fantastic opportunity to re-enter the workforce with confidence!

The instructor’s teaching style is great. Learning a new programming language can be intimidating, but he breaks it down step by step with plenty of opportunities for students to ask questions. The coursework was engaging, and I enjoyed solving the problems because they allow you the freedom to code your own solutions. Seeing everyone’s different code was a good learning experience. Going through this course has helped me so much. As a full-time employee and a husband and father, the courses provided by the IT Workforce Accelerator grant have allowed me the chance to continue my education and further my career while still allowing me the time to be with family.
Andrew – Python 2 Completer

This was a great self-paced course that I could do while working two jobs. I really enjoyed working with the zyBooks platform, and the professor was very responsive in answering any questions I had.
Anonymous – SQL Completer

The IT Accelerator program was wonderful honestly. It gave me the freedom to choose what classes I was interested in pursuing based on what roles I’d like to cross-train into with TADA. Plus, with the very flexible class schedules (at your own pace online, class-oriented online, or class-oriented in person), I never had a conflict with how to prioritize class and work. I’m definitely going to be taking more classes in the near future.
TADA Employee

The IT Accelerator offers a great selection of courses for me to choose from. The training materials and questions are extremely knowledgeable and help refresh the basics while keeping it challenging.
TADA Employee

I was able to make a career change to an IT company due to the certification/education I was able to get from this grant!

I have really enjoyed my class and learning about something completely different from my usual career path of social work … I am often highly irritated at tech because I don’t understand it or feel incompetent! So, at 51 years old, I walked into a college classroom for the first time in almost 30 years to learn about a subject that was completely new to me … And I get to be creative and write! I never in a million years could have predicted this. Best program ever.

The Cybersecurity program gave me the knowledge and tools I need to understand and respond to the growing threat of cyberattacks on modern businesses. Instruction is provided by leaders in the industry, and students gain real, hands-on experience with state-of-the-field software and methodologies. This program is the best first step towards an exciting career for any aspiring cybersecurity professional.

Completing the online cybersecurity certificate through Eureka College has been an exciting experience for me. The synchronous learning approach and real-world scenarios enhanced my practical skills, giving me confidence in tackling cybersecurity challenges. The course successfully prepared me for the CompTIA Security+ exam, which I was able to pass on my first attempt!
Bryan G

I have enjoyed the course and learned a lot. It made me appreciate the fact that we have instructional designers hired at our facility to help us now that we are with Carle!
Healthcare participant

Thank you for all of your help. This certificate has been a great way to learn more about instructional design and put names to the things I have learned on the job over the years.
Healthcare participant

Excited to share the completion of the IT Fundamentals course for the IT accelerator program at ICC! Learning has always been a passion of mine, and I thrive on the challenge of acquiring new skills. Thanks for introducing me to this opportunity. Returning to the classroom setting was a blast, and I can’t wait to apply my newfound knowledge in the dynamic field of IT. Here’s to continuous growth and learning!