Catalog of Record

Your catalog of record is the catalog that goes in effect at the time you choose your program or area of study. Here you can download past catalogs in order to find out what requirements are needed to graduate based on your program.


When students enroll for academic credit at Illinois Central College, their graduation requirements are governed by the catalog in effect at the time of their initial enrollment in their chosen program. However, there are a few exceptions:

  1. If a student is not enrolled for three consecutive semesters (excluding summer) then the student’s coursework will be governed by the catalog in effect when he or she re-enrolls.
  2. Students who do not complete the program requirements outlined in their specific catalog within five years from the date they declare their major must meet the current year’s requirements.
  3. If appreciable changes are made to an Associate in Applied Science Degree or Certificate, students may need to meet the degree requirements in the current catalog at the time of graduation.

Note: Illinois Central College will consider granting permission to a graduate under a catalog more than five years old if the student has been enrolled continuously and the degree requirements have not changed significantly. Requests for this exception should be directed to the dean of the department for approval.

All of ICC’s degree and certificate programs are described in full in the college catalog.  Read it carefully to learn the requirements and characteristics of each program. The most accurate, official and up-to-date version of your governing catalog can always be found here.

It is your responsibility to track catalog changes.  Also be aware, that should you change your major at any time you may change your governing catalog.