International Students

Our community is excited to have international students join us in pursuit of academic and professional success. At ICC, we are committed to giving our students opportunities to engage, persist, and complete a degree in the community college.

The International Education Office aims to provide up-to-date and effective immigration/visa support for ALL students and advocate for global engagement throughout the community. Our office has extensive experience working with USCIS, SEVP, SEVIS, and local government on matters of immigration and aims to provide resources to help students navigate the tedious process.

The procedures outlined below are required for the ICC International Student Enrollment process and issuance of the Form I-20. Students will receive an I-20 and acceptance letter from the Director of International Education/PDSO when all of the requirements have been met. After being fully admitted to ICC* , the student is solely responsible for applying for an F-1 visa, change to status with the U.S. government, and/or transferring their SEVIS record from a previous institution. Please refer to for guidelines for each type of applicant.

*Please note, certain ICC programs have additional admission requirements. Check with academic program advisor for more information.

Student Application and ALL Required Documents must be submitted to the International Education Office by the following deadlines:

Applicants Outside of the U.S
Transfer F-1 Students*
Change of Status Applicants

Fall Semester: July 15
Spring Semester: December 1
Fall Semester: August 5
Spring Semester: January 5
No less than 60 days from the current visa status expiration as determined by expiration date on I-94 Admission Record

01Apply to ICC

Apply to Illinois Central College

If for some reason you are unable to complete the online application, please continue to complete the remaining documents and inform the director of international Education.
* Note: After completing an online application and logging into your student account, a hold for F-1 Student Enrollment will appear. The F-1 Student Enrollment hold does not have to be satisfied to receive Form I-20. The applicant should not take action until they have been approved for an F-1 visa and arrived at ICC. The hold is used to ensure that F-1 Students on an ICC Form I-20 have checked-in with International Education Office and adhere to the required number of courses for F-1 status compliance.

02Complete International Student Information Forms

You will need to download, print and fill out the follow forms. These documents provide ICC with key information not included in the online student application, but necessary for the development of the SEVIS Form I-20.

  • International Student Information Form
  • Transfer Student: International Student Transfer Form – F-1 transfer applicants who have completed a program of study at another U.S. institution (high school, college, language school, etc.) must be admitted and have their SEVIS record transferred no later than 60 days after program completion to remain status compliance per F-1 visa regulations.

03Provide Official High School and/or College Transcripts

Transcripts must be submitted with full English translation. Prospective students with international college credit that they would like ICC to consider as transfer credit, must have their transcript evaluated through the World Education Services, Educational Credential Evaluators (ECE), or SpanTran (direct ICC link).

04Provide your TOEFL score report; IELTS score or CET4 score

International Students requiring an F-1 (non-immigrant student) visas are required to provide proof of English Language Proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Students can demonstrate English proficiency by:

  • Proving citizenship or permanent residency in a country where English is an official language.
  • Attending a high school within the United States for a minimum of 2 years within the last 5 years.
  • Attending an English-medium high school abroad.
  • Provide official English Proficiency Test results within the last 2 years with the following minimum scores:
  • Obtaining a score of 18 or higher on the ACT English section.
  • Obtaining a score of 460 or higher on the SAT Reading/Writing section.
Note: All admitted students are required to complete an academic assessment upon arrival on campus to determine eligibility for admission into college-level transfer coursework. Students who do not meet the minimum scores will be required to take developmental English and/or ESL courses.

05Review Estimated Cost of Attendance for F-1 Students, Complete Certificate of Finances, and Provide Financial Documentation

Students applying for an F-1 visa are required by U.S. immigration policy to provide sufficient proof of funds available to cover (at a minimum) the estimated cost of attendance at Illinois Central College, including full-time tuition, room, board, health insurance, books, transportation, etc. If documents are not in

  • Review Estimated Cost of Attendance for F-1 Students (Academic Year 2020-2021)
  • Complete Official Financial Documentation and Certificate of Finances
  • Provide Approved Financial Documentation – These documents that adhere to the following guidelines. Proof of funds must indicate the name of the financial institution, indicate the name of the account holder, clearly show account balance, be dated within the past six (6) months, be translated into English, clearly show currency, and be from statements that show liquid assets that can be converted into cash
    • Acceptable proof of funds include scholarships, personal funds, private sponsor (including parents), other institutional support, and/or loan certification/letters.
    • Unaccepted financial documents include documents older than six (6) months,funds that are not immediately accessible,assets that are not in liquidated form,life insurance policy statements,pension funds,tax returns or documents.

Additional requirements for prospective students applying from within the united states or requesting concurrent enrollment:

  • A Photocopy of Form I-20 and Most Recent I-94 Card
  • A Photocopy of the F-1 Visa Page from Passport
  • Official transcript(s) sent directly from previous U.S. educational institutions to the attention of [email protected]

06Submit All Documents

Email to: [email protected]