IT Workforce Accelerator

Employer Testimonials

The IT Workplace Accelerator program at Illinois Central College is a great resource for our software development company, GoodJava, Inc. It is easy to sign up and the staff at ICC are great to work with.  Thanks to this program, we can offer our employees a way to enhance their skills, directly benefiting their roles at GoodJava, Inc. I have been able to upskill and enroll in the Google Project Management course at no cost! Highly recommend utilizing this program and thank ICC for their commitment to empowering professionals in our industry!
Elise Pate, Project and Administrative Manager at GoodJava, Inc.

The IT Workforce Accelerator program is a win-win for DYOPATH and its employees. It invests in our workforce, equipping them with in-demand IT skills, while simultaneously strengthening our internal talent pool. The program’s impact is undeniable, and we’re excited to see its potential continue to unfold further.
Tim Brodbeck, Training and Engagement Specialist

TADA greatly appreciates having the ability to offer our employees opportunities to enhance their knowledge through the IT Accelerator Program. TADA team members have been able to take on new responsibilities due to proficiencies in Python, JavaScript, data analytics, and full stack web development. The wide choice of courses and flexibility for employees has allowed our team to learn and grow their abilities based on short-term needs, all while developing skills that will be valuable to their long-term career. The IT Accelerator Program is truly an asset to professionals in the Peoria area.
Courtney, TADA

We recently hired an IT professional with 25+ years of IT experience but little Network management experience in recent years. The position we had open was for a Network Administrator. Scott applied and was encouraged to take the Network courses offered through the IT Workforce Accelerator grant to refresh his Network knowledge. Once he completed the courses and received his certifications, he felt more confident to apply for the position of Network Administrator and has been very successful in his role in the last six months. We are very lucky to have him and very thankful for the IT Workforce Accelerator courses that were offered.
Brittney, UICOMP

Basic ITS is proud to be an IT Workforce Accelerator partner, and it’s exciting to see what the program is doing to promote economic growth and talent development throughout the region. In addition to assisting with the initial community needs assessment, Basic ITS has provided resume services for IT students, presented to IT classes at Illinois Central College, and participated in the 2023 IT Accelerator Job Fair. We’re thrilled to continue our partnership and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this vital community program.
Jim, Basic ITS