Emergency Response Guide

(309) 694-5111

Reporting a Crime or Emergency

Important phone numbers and criminal emergency procedures.

Emergency Notices and Campus Crime Alerts

We provide emergency notices, timely warning notices, and a campus crime log to the community.

Preparedness and Safety Tips

Prepare now to save your life in an emergency.

Active Shooter / Sudden Violence Situations

These situations are dynamic and evolve rapidly. You must be prepared to react quickly to save your life.

Distressed, Disruptive, and Dangerous People

Emergency contacts and strategies when involved in these tense situations.

Threats of Violence and Suspicious Packages

What to expect when providing information to police.

Medical Emergencies

Steps to assist while first responders are en route, along with AED locations.

Severe Weather and Natural Disasters

Where to get the College’s reaction to severe weather and how to’s while on campus.

Evacuation Procedures: Fire, Gas, or Explosion

Procedures for possible evacuations.

Hazardous Materials

Assisting with identifying hazardous materials for Campus Police.

Emergency Procedures Checklist

Be prepared in the case of an emergency