Emergency Procedures Checklist

Instructor/Leader Checklist

Use this checklist at the beginning of meetings or classes to be prepared in an emergency.

  1. “In case of an evacuation, the nearest exit from the building is _____”.
  2. “If we do need to evacuate, we will meet up at _____ (location).”
  3. “The nearest place to take shelter during a tornado warning is _____.” (View Severe Weather Emergencies)
  4. If there is a person in the room who is in a wheelchair or needs special assistance, ask for volunteers to help this person.
  5. Ask people to look around for places to hide, should you need to Shelter in Place.

Emergency Equipment

  1. “The nearest fire alarm is ______.”
  2. “The nearest fire extinguisher is ______.”
  3. “The nearest AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is located ______. (View Medical Emergencies)
  4. “A desk phone is located ______ if no cell phone signal is available.”

Asking for Volunteers

Ask volunteers to help with emergency notifications and procedures – ask for primary and alternate.

  1. “In case of emergency, who is willing to call ICC Police at (309) 694-5111 or by using the ICC Guardian App?”
  2. “In case of fire, who will volunteer to pull the fire alarm?”
  3. “Who is willing to retrieve the AED if there is a medical emergency?”
  4. “Who is trained and willing to perform CPR and use the AED?”

Campus Police

Academic Building » 105A
East Peoria Campus
Student Center » 140
Peoria Campus
Pekin » 101
Pekin Campus