Emergency Response Guide

Emergency Numbers

Call from a mobile device: (309) 694-5111

Call from ICC campus landline: 5111

Students, faculty and staff can call or text using the ICC RAVE Guardian App

Crime Reporting

At ICC, Campus Police are the closest emergency responders and the 911 liaison with other agencies. Campus Police strongly encourages all staff, students, and visitors of ICC to report all crimes and to encourage victims or witnesses of crime to voluntarily report.

If you discover a crime scene, do not touch anything. If you witness a crime in progress, do not approach or attempt to apprehend the persons involved. Take only the actions necessary for self-defense. In both situations, get to a safe place and call Campus Police immediately.

Campus Crime Log

You can request to view a Daily Crime Log at each ICC Police Department Office during normal business hours. This log includes the nature, date, time, general location, and disposition of each crime reported to the ICC Police Department. Names of individuals are not included in these logs.

ICC Emergency Notifications & Alerts

The ICC Police Department provides emergency notices, Campus Crime Alerts, and a campus crime log to the ICC community. You can view more information in the full Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (ICC Clery Act Report).

Emergency Notifications

You should notify the ICC Police Department of any significant emergency or dangerous situation that may involve an immediate or ongoing threat to the health or safety of anyone on campus. The ICC Police Chief or ICC Marketing Department will immediately notify the ICC Community when a significant emergency or dangerous situation is confirmed. Emergency notifications may be announced in the following ways:

If it is determined the emergency threatens communities surrounding our campuses, local authorities will be notified. Emergency notifications may only be withheld if, in the professional judgment of the responsible authorities, the warnings will compromise efforts to assist victims or to respond to the emergency.

Current Emergency Status

In the event of a campus emergency, a warning will appear on the emergency page. Updates to emergency situations will be posted there as additional information and instructions become available.

View Current Status

RAVE Guardian App

This app quickly connects you to an ICC Campus Police Dispatcher where you can anonymously submit crime tips and photos by text. You will need your cell phone number and ICC email address.

How to Report Emergency Situations

Preparedness and Safety Tips

Faculty & Staff Tips

Dean of Students, East Peoria Library Administration Bldg L221: (309) 694-5573
Counseling Center, Career Center 200: (309) 694-5281 or [email protected]
Title IX Coordinator: (309) 690-5515 or [email protected]
Human Resources: (309) 694-5720 or [email protected]
Facilities Services: (309) 694-5120 (electrical outage, heating or air-conditioning, water leaks, ventilation problems)
Technology Services, East Peoria L122 (309) 694-5457 or Technology Services Support Online (telephone, computer, or internet issues, technical problems with door locks and ID badges)

East Peoria Police: (309) 698-4700
Peoria Police: (309) 673-4521
Pekin Police: (309) 346-3132
Center for Prevention of Abuse: (800) 559-SAFE

Campus Police

Academic Building » 105A
East Peoria Campus
Student Center » 140
Peoria Campus
Pekin » 101
Pekin Campus