Associate in Science (Transfer)

Chemistry is the language spoken by nature. It takes you deep into life’s building blocks, explaining how atoms, molecules and ions work together and interact with each other to form new and exciting materials. Learn all about this essential subject from our faculty experts.

of instructors are teaching focused

While studying Chemistry, you will be building a strong math and science foundation to prepare you for a seamless transfer to earn a bachelor’s degree. A degree in Chemistry can open doors to fulfilling jobs in research, development, medicine, academia, or engineering. 

A Quality Education

Faculty who are experts in their fields teach all ICC courses. They are 100% committed to teaching so you’re ready to transfer to a university or move into your career.

Get Involved

Network with faculty and fellow students in the Student Association for the Environment while you support our local ecosystems. The PreHealth Club, Association of Mathematics, Engineering and Science Students (AMESS), and other student groups put the community in our community college experience.

Career Opportunities

Chemist, Chemical Engineer, Materials Scientist, Pharmacologist, Doctor, Forensic Scientist, Toxicologist, Brewmaster, Perfumer, Food Scientist, Medical Researcher, Teacher. Local alumni work at Caterpillar, OSF, Unity Point, ICC, and USDA Peoria.


21 Months

If full time

4 Semesters60 Total Credit Hours

What if I attend part-time?

Our program can be completed at your pace; just plan for a longer time-to-degree.



+ supplies & fees

Based on 2024-25

What financial assistance can I receive?

Our STEM programs qualify for financial aid. That might include scholarships, grants and loans. Learn more about financial assistance at ICC.



Students per class

Small class sizes mean more individual attention and a higher rate of success.

Will I be ready to transfer?

View the College Catalog to see a complete list of classes for this program.

Meet Our Students and Alumni

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Notable Alumni: Michael Brown, Executive Director, Ecology Action Center

A great program to bridge to professional school or a bachelor’s degree.

Dr. Bradley Rose, Assistant Professor, Chemistry
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How Do I Get Into the Chemistry Program?

You’ll gain a strong foundation in the sciences and mathematics. You’ll acquire analytical, data collection, and problem-solving skills, and you’ll develop the ability to reason clearly and communicate complex ideas.

  1. Complete our quick admissions application. It’s free and easy!
  2. Apply for financial aid (FAFSA).
  3. Apply for ICC Scholarships. Just 1 application for over 700 scholarships.
  4. High school courses in chemistry and college-ready math courses are beneficial for this program
  5. Involvement in your high school science or chemistry club is helpful for this program.

What Can I Expect as a Chemistry Student?

How Am I Going to Manage This?


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East Peoria Campus
Mon-Fri: 8 am – 4:30 pm