Associate in Science (Transfer)

The universe is big, spectacular, and weird, and physics is the study of how it behaves. It’s the fundamental science responsible for explaining the relationships among matter, energy, space, and time. Yes, it’s complex, and you’re in good hands with ICC instructors, who can help you go far.

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A student planning to prepare for a career in computer science, mathematics teaching at the high school level or as a research technician will essentially earn a major in mathematics. Many mathematics majors choose to take considerable work (possibly even a second major) in an applied field such as chemistry, physics, economics, accounting, computer programming, etc. By studying in an applied area along with mathematics, students strengthen their employability, especially in industry or at a research facility.

A Quality Education

Faculty who are experts in their fields teach all ICC courses. They are 100% committed to teaching so you’re ready to transfer to a university or move into your career.

Get Involved

Challenge yourself in ICC’s Honors Program. High-achieving students join Honors to experience sustained intellectual and social interactions with their peers.

Career Outcomes

Mechanical Engineer, Software Developer, Data Analyst, Medical Researcher, Cosmologist, Geophysicist, Computing Scientist, Teacher


24 Months

If full time

4 terms if full-time (15-16 credits / term)

What if I attend part-time?

Our program can be completed at your pace; just plan for a longer time-to-degree.



+ supplies & fees

Based on 2022-23

What financial assistance can I receive?

Our STEM programs qualify for financial aid. That might include scholarships, grants and loans. Learn more about financial assistance at ICC.


15 Students

Average per class

Small class sizes mean more individual attention and a higher rate of success.

Will I be ready to transfer?

View the College Catalog to see a complete list of classes for this program.

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Community college students who transfer to four-year schools perform as well as – or even better than – their peers who come directly from high school.

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