Emergency Response Guide

Emergency Procedures Checklist

Instructor/Leader – Use this checklist at the beginning of meetings or classes to be prepared in an emergency.

  • “In case of an evacuation, the nearest exit from the building is _____”.
  • “If we do need to evacuate, we will meet up at _____ (location).”
  • “The nearest place to take shelter during a tornado warning is _____.” (View the Severe Weather / Natural Disasters page for recommended areas)
  • If there is a person in the room who is in a wheelchair or needs special assistance, ask for volunteers to help this person.
  • Ask for people to look around for places to hide, should you need to Shelter in Place.

Describe where the nearest emergency equipment is:

  • “The nearest fire alarm is ______.”
  • “The nearest fire extinguisher is ______.”
  • “The nearest AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is located ______. (View the Medical Emergencies page for AED locations)
  • “A desk phone is located ______ if no cell phone signal is available.”

Ask for volunteers to help with emergency notifications and procedures (ask for a primary and an alternate):

  • “In case of emergency, who is willing to call ICC Police at (309) 694-5111 or by using the ICC Guardian App?”
  • “In case of fire, who will volunteer to pull the fire alarm?”
  • “Who is willing to retrieve the AED if there is a medical emergency?”
  • “Who is trained and willing to perform CPR and use the AED?”