Tragic Loss Inspires Natalie to Help Others in Radiographer Program

April 14, 2022

Chances are you or someone you know has been affected by cancer. One in three people in the United States battle some form of the horrible disease. For Natalie, it was her father’s friend’s courageous battle against the illness that inspired her to join the Radiographer Program at ICC.

Growing up, Natalie looked at her father’s lifelong friend, Eric, as a second dad. Eric worked with several radiologists. He brought Natalie to work one day and introduced her to his line of work. After he recently lost his battle with brain cancer, Natalie decided she wanted to help other cancer patients by going into the radiology field.

“I want to help others in their battle with cancer. I am doing this for him. I know he would be proud of me.”

– Natalie

Natalie graduates from the Radiographer Program this spring. She plans to transfer to Washburn University to pursue her bachelor’s degree. Her goal is to become a Radiation Therapist and further her education in radiation oncology.

Natalie is thankful for the connections she’s made with her classmates, professors, and technologists during her time at ICC. She is ecstatic she will be leaving the Radiographer Program without the worry of student loan debt.

“ICC is very affordable compared to other colleges and they offer a great number of scholarships and grants to students,” Natalie said. “It has allowed me to continue my education without the worry of student loans building up.”