Associate in Arts (Transfer)

Apply your curiosity and learn how to evaluate beliefs and values. Cultivate and practice critical thinking skills that have created leading thought platforms and belief systems. Learn how to appreciate views and perspectives that are different from your own.

Scholarships available – and one might have your name on it

Philosophy cultivates curiosity about all important questions of life and reality. Critical thinking skills, such as reflection, are transferable to any and every profession. 

A Quality Education

Philosophy majors have some of the highest acceptance rates to medical schools. They also are among the highest scoring on the GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and GMAT exams.

Get Involved

Build connections with others who are interested in exploring systems of thought and belief.

Career Opportunities

Lawyer, Business Professional, Counselor, Public Service, Social Worker, Marketing, Journalism, Non-Profit


24 Months

if Full Time

4 Semesters60 Total Credit Hours

What if I attend part-time?

Our Student Success Advisors help with an academic plan that works for you.



+ supplies & fees

Based on 2024-25

What financial assistance can I receive?

Find the plan right for you by connecting with our Financial Aid office.


25 Students

average per class

Small class sizes mean more individual attention and a higher rate of success.

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Meet Our Students and Alumni

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Philosophy helps students think critically about life, ethics, reality, religion, and more. Because philosophy teaches logic and critical thinking skills, it prepares students for a wide range of career opportunities.

Aaron James, Associate Professor, Humanities
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How Do I Get Into the Philosophy Program?

Explore the world’s great systems of thought, and the constructs and methodologies that underlie them. Expand your way of thinking here. Talk to an Admissions representative to learn how to get started.

  1. Complete our quick admissions application. It’s free and easy!
  2. Apply for financial aid (FAFSA).
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  4. Student success advisors are available to help.
  5. Philosophy classes can fill general education requirements for other degree programs.

What Can I Expect As a Philosophy Student?

How Am I Going to Manage This?


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