Driving Educational Equity: Dual Credit Expansion and Virtual Reality EMT Training

March 8, 2024

Illinois Central College (ICC) recently received two grants from the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) totaling $204,018 through June 30, 2025.

The program will help more low-income students earn college credits while in high school.

The Access and Equity in Dual Credit Project grant awarded $149,958 to ICC to expand dual credit opportunities for high school students in Central Illinois, including Peoria Public High Schools, Pekin High School and Limestone High School.

ICC will use the funds to train high school counselors and advisors, update college and career pathways and lower barriers to dual credit access for historically underserved students.

The Career and Technical Education Virtual Reality grant provides the College with $54,060 to purchase virtual reality equipment and software to enhance recruitment and training for EMTs and paramedics. Both careers are in high demand in Central Illinois.

The new VR technology will give students more realistic learning opportunities to fully prepare them for entering the workforce.

The equipment will also be used at recruiting events to show potential students what they can expect to experience in these careers and help meet regional job recruitment needs.