Appealing Termination Status

All students on termination for financial assistance may appeal. Only extenuating circumstances that can be supported with documentation (i.e. medical documentation) will be considered in the appeal process. Unawareness of withdrawal policies, requirements for SAP, or unprepared for college coursework will not be accepted for an appeal.

The student must complete an Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement Form. The appeal must include: (a) reasons why the student did not achieve the minimum academic requirements, (b) supporting documentation for the extenuating circumstances, and (c) a description of what has changed that will now allow the student to meet the academic requirements.

All students filing an appeal must submit an Academic Advisement report with their appeal. The report can be accessed from MyICC (eServices) > Student Center > My Academics > View My Advisement Report. If it is determined that a student cannot meet SAP prior to the completion of the degree/certificate, the appeal will not be approved. The ability to meet SAP requirements prior to degree/certificate completion does not guarantee appeal approval.

Any appeal submitted without an Academic Advisement report will not be reviewed until the report is provided. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with an advisor to determine the remaining courses for completion of the degree/certificate. Just providing an Academic Advisement report does NOT guarantee continuation of financial assistance eligibility.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Standards are established by the Office of Financial Assistance in accordance with regulations set by the U.S. Department of Education.

Appeal Process

The appeal form must be submitted prior to the Midterm which the student plans on using financial aid for. All committee decisions are FINAL.

  1. Student appeal will be reviewed by the SAP Appeal Committee.
  2. Wait. The review process takes a minimum of 1 to 2 weeks.
  3. Student will be notified of the decision via ICC student email.

If Denied

If the appeal for reinstatement is denied the student may still attend ICC, but will have to make other financial arrangements.

If Approved

Student will be placed on Financial Aid Probation status and will be eligible to receive aid. A letter will be sent notifying the student of the approved status and the conditions/terms “contract”, to be met during the semester while on an approved appeal. If the student changes their plan of study while on appeal, they must re-appeal under the new plan of study.

Students who fail to meet the conditions/terms “contract” set by the SAP Appeal Committee, may appeal the Dean of Enrollment for an extension to their Financial Aid Probation status. All appeals to the Dean of Enrollment must be submitted prior to Midterm for the semester you are appealing for your financial aid to be reinstated.

Continued Probation Status: Those students for which an appeal is approved and the student meets the conditions and terms of the approved appeal, but has not yet met the cumulative completion rate and GPA requirements, will remain on continued probation status for the following semester.

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