Academic Placement

Do I Need to Take the Assessment?

ICC uses an academic assessment in subjects like math and reading to determine college readiness and to place students in classes at the appropriate level. If you have met the requirements through other options, as outlined below, you may not need to take the assessment.

  • ACCUPLACER, ALEKS-PPL, or COMPASS (see qualifying scores)
  • ACT or SAT in Reading and Math (see ACT or SAT section below)
  • AP exams in Math or English (view list of AP exams accepted at ICC)
  • PARCC Exams (see approved scores below)
  • Prior college credit (including dual credit/early college, CLEP, International Baccalaureate)
  • Graduated high school or homeschool equivalent (at least 7 semesters) with a cumulative GPA of 2.7 or above
  • Received a C or above in HS Algebra I & II or equivalent
  • High School Exam (GED) scores (see approved scores below)

To use any of these options, you must send the official assessment scores to the ICC Testing Center, either directly from your high school or from the testing company. (Ask your high school counselor for assistance to determine if your scores are on your high school transcript). If you have college credit from another school, have your transcript sent directly to ICC Enrollment Services (electronically via Credentials/Parchment, emailed directly to [email protected] or mailed from your previous institution) to be evaluated. If you took the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER at ICC, we will have your scores on file.

ACT or SAT Scores

If you have the following ACT or SAT scores you may not need to take the academic assessment. If you are your sending scores directly to ICC from the testing agency, the ACT Code is 1035 and SAT code is 1312.

PARCC Scores

If you have the following PARCC scores you may not need to take the academic assessment.

  • Grade 11 English Language Arts/Literacy Performance: Level 4-5
  • Algebra II or Integrated Math III: Level 4-5

GED Scores

If you have the following GED scores you may not need to take the academic assessment.

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts: 165 -200
  • Mathematics: 165 -200

What is on the Assessment?

ICC offers an academic assessment called the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER. It covers reading, quantitative reasoning, algebra, and statistics (QAS), and advanced algebra and functions (AAF). You may also be asked to write a short essay.

Special Circumstances

Entrance into Biology 205 is dependent on the successful completion of the BIOL 205 Anatomy and Physiology placement assessment (or successful completion of both CHEM 115 or higher and BIOL 111 or BIOL 160). Study Topics are available.

Other assessments are available but not required for individuals with background knowledge in Spanish and Music Theory. For information, either email [email protected] or call the Testing Center at (309) 694-5234.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

Appointments are required and are made online. To make an appointment, be sure you have submitted an admissions application, then select the link below and follow these instructions. If you need assistance, please call the Testing Center at (309) 694-5234.

How Do I Prepare?

Practice your skills and better prepare yourself for the placement assessment by visiting these webpages:

What Do I Need to Know about Assessment Day?

  • There is no charge for an academic assessment.
  • A photo ID is required to take the assessment.
  • Arrive 10 minutes ahead of scheduled assessment.
  • The assessment is not timed. You are encouraged to take as much time as you need.
  • The average time for each assessment is 45 minutes.
  • Results are available a few minutes after completing the assessment.

Can I Retake the Assessment?

You may repeat each assessment once per year. You may consider retaking if time has elapsed and you have studied or gained more knowledge, and you strongly feel that your scores could improve. The assessment may be taken a third time with written permission from an ICC Advisor or high school counselor.