General Education at ICC

Accrediting associations, college boards of trustees, administrators, faculty, and employers expect college graduates to be more than a collection of grades. They expect a college graduate not only to know how to make a solid decision, but to understand the ethics or the human impact of that decision. In a world that relies more on electronic communication media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, texting, and email, these groups expect a college graduate to write well and logically. Finally, these groups expect a college graduate to participate in the social, technical, economic, environmental, and political arenas of our world. General education courses are designed to develop these abilities.

General Education courses prepare you to:

  • Contribute to the whole of society through the work you do in your job, how you take care of yourself and your family, and how you volunteer or work to help others
  • Learn on your own throughout the rest of your life, including the ability to think more analytically, to recognize points of view, to identify bias, and much more

ICC’s general education coursework focuses on three Institutional Learning Outcomes and applies to all associate degree students.


Associate degree graduates have the ability to transfer information, concepts, or emotions to an audience through written, oral, symbolic, aesthetic, and/or nonverbal communication methods that successfully align with their purpose.


Associate degree graduates identify and solve problems, analyze new information, synthesize and evaluate ideas, and transform ideas into a course of action by using critical, creative, and/or analytical skills.


Associate degree graduates understand the implications of choices and actions, demonstrate appropriate behaviors in academic/ professional contexts, and contribute constructively within the context of community.