3 Credit Hours (BEC)
In this course, students will begin to develop skills needed to use computers in educational and occupational environments. Students will be introduced to computer hardware, software, and the Internet.


3 Credit Hours (OC)
This course teaches the student how to work with an operating system. Topics include managing a Windows work session, managing the system, managing files, customizing the interface through the Control Panel, working with the built-in utilities, learning to install applications under Windows, learning to run DOS and Windows applications, running multiple applications, and learning to share data among multiple applications.


3 Credit Hours (OC)
This course is designed to teach students to use a computer operating system, word processing software, spreadsheet software, database management software, presentation software, and integration of these software packages. Transfer students should take CMPSC 120.


3 Credit Hours (OC)
This course is intended to introduce the computer student to those mathematical techniques and terminology which are commonly used in computer applications.

Pre-requisite: MATH 094 with a grade of "C" or better or an appropriate score on the math placement test.


0.5 Credit Hours (OC)
The contents of this special topics course will vary to allow an examination of various topics, such as software updates or new software. Each section offered will present a unique topic of value to students in the field of computers. This course may be repeated three times if the topic and content are different. Lecture and laboratory hours per week will vary depending upon the credit given and course content in each section offered.


1 Credit Hours (OC)
This course provides the student the opportunity to work on a technical project, research, or other specialized study related to his/her individual academic needs. A written plan for the independent-study project is developed with a faculty member (including a detailed description of the project, the number of credit hours assigned to it, the evaluative criteria to be used, and other relevant matters), and the project is carried out under the periodic direction of the faculty member. The written plan is submitted to the dean/associate dean for approval and remains on file within the department together with a final written report submitted to the faculty member by the student. This course is repeatable up to a maximum of five semester hours of credit.

Pre-requisite: Department approval