Career Pathways

The road to success can be a long one, one where the destination is sometimes hazy. Today, mapping where you need to go is as easy as entering your destination into a phone, but what about mapping your future? Career Pathways gives you that map.

Career Pathways is a visual road map to learn about the jobs, skills, and education requirements for a specific career. Each pathway program at Illinois Central College has a detailed map of study that graphically shows the courses or degree requirements that will lead students to their desired education and employment goals.

Discover the jobs, wages, industry credentials, and transfer options associated with each program. Use the links on each roadmap to “connect the dots” and see the “big picture” for each career plan.

All this to help you make your future a little more clear.

Career Cluster: Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources

PATHWAY: Plant Systems

PATHWAY: Power, Structural & Technical Systems

Career Cluster: Architecture and Construction

PATHWAY: Construction

PATHWAY: Design/Pre-Construction

PATHWAY: Maintenance/Operations

Career Cluster: Arts Audio/Video Technology & Communications

PATHWAY: Printing Technology

Career Cluster: Business Management and Administration

PATHWAY: Administrative Support

PATHWAY: Business Information Management

PATHWAY: General Management

Career Cluster: Education & Training

PATHWAY: Professional Support Services

PATHWAY: Teaching/Training

Career Cluster: Health Sciences

PATHWAY: Diagnostic services

PATHWAY: Health Informatics

PATHWAY: Therapeutic Services

Career Cluster: Hospitality & Tourism

PATHWAY: Restaurants & Food/Beverage Services

Career Cluster: Human Services

PATHWAY: Counseling and Mental Health Services

PATHWAY: Early Childhood Development and Services

Career Cluster: Information Technology

PATHWAY: Network Systems

PATHWAY: Programming and Software Development

Career Cluster: Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security

PATHWAY: Emergency and Fire Management Services

PATHWAY: Law Enforcement Services

PATHWAY: Legal Services

Career Cluster: Manufacturing

PATHWAY: Maintenance, Installation and Repair

PATHWAY: Production

Career Cluster: Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

PATHWAY: Facility and Mobile Equipment Maintenance

PATHWAY: Transportation Operations