Course Permission Request Form

In order to take an ICC Course with a pre-requisite you completed at either high school or another college/university, we will need proof. Pre-requisites for ICC courses can be found in either our Complete Course Descriptions or our current Class Schedule.

Proof of Course Work/Current Schedule

If you’re currently enrolled in the pre-requisite class, please send a screenshot or PDF showing your current schedule. We will require that you email your final grade to [email protected] at the conclusion of the semester. In most cases a “C” or higher is required in pre-requisite courses. If you do not receive that grade you will be dropped from your ICC course.

If you completed the pre-requisite in high school but don’t have your transcript, please go ahead and submit the form. Check the box stating My high school is sending my transcript to you via email or fax. Your high school can email the transcript to [email protected] or fax to (309) 694-5366. If your high school sends it by USPS mail, it could take several weeks to process.

Please allow at least two (2) business days after submitting your request. It will help if you provide all requested information as completely and accurately as possible. Our quickest form of communication is email so be sure your school email address is correct and check it often.

Full Course

We cannot enroll you into a class that is full. You will need to contact the instructor and obtain permission. Our faculty’s contact information can be found in the online directory or posted outside room 320B on the East Peoria Campus. The faculty member must either sign an enrollment card or email us directly with his/her approval.

Fields marked with the * are required

ICC email preferred, or other SCHOOL email

Course Permission

ex. BIOL 110
Class numbers are found in the Class Schedule. If applicable, list lab class number as well. Ex. LEC 1234, LAB 5678

Proof of Coursework/Current Schedule

Proof of prerequisite which was NOT fulfilled at ICC, such as unofficial transcript or screenshot of coursework or current schedule from another school or test score documentation can be submitted below. If you have had this information officially sent to ICC over 4 weeks ago, you do not need to resend.

Select multiple files to upload by pressing your ctrl key and selecting the files to upload. Please note: some PNG files may cause the form to not submit. If you encounter this problem, email the PNG file(s) to [email protected] from the same school email you've entered above.