Fingerprint/Background Check

At the request of clinical agencies who accept students from the College, all students enrolled in a Health Careers Program will be required to submit to a fingerprint/background check.

Students may not use similar reports on file at other agencies to satisfy this requirement. Failure to consent to release information or to cooperate appropriately with regard to the process shall result in the student not being able to enter or progress in the Health Careers Program.

Criminal history background information is defended as information collected by criminal justice agencies on individuals consisting of identifiable descriptions and notations of arrests, detentions, indictments, or other formal charges, and any dispositions; including sentencing, correctional supervision, and releases.


Illinois Central College (ICC) is committed to providing a safe environment for students, patients cared for by students, and employees. Therefore, the College will conduct a fingerprint/background check of all students who wish to be enrolled in a Health Careers Program at ICC. The fingerprint/background check will be conducted through the Illinois Work Injury Resource Center (IWIRCE), 736 SW Washington Street, Suite 2A; Peoria, IL, and is paid for by the student. Students who have disqualifying convictions will be required to obtain a Health Care Worker Waiver.


  1. Students will be provided the authorization form for the fingerprint/background check from the Health Careers administrative assistant. The student must complete the authorization, providing all necessary information.
  2. The fingerprint/background check will be completed by IWIRC and results will be made available to select ICC Health Careers employees.
  3. Omission of required information or false or misleading information provided but the student on the criminal background check or in any communication with the College may result in disciplinary action or dismissal from the Health Careers Program at ICC.

Dealing with Disqualifying Convictions

  1. Fingerprint/background check results will be kept confidential and will be maintained separate from the student’s admission/academic file.
  2. The Health Careers administrative assistant will access the electronic report from the selected company.
  3. A student who has a disqualifying conviction will be notified. No messages regarding the results would be left on answering machines or with other individuals.
  4. If the student has a disqualifying conviction but wishes to remain enrolled in the Health Careers Program, the student must submit an application for a Health Careers Worker Waiver.
  5. If a student with a disqualifying conviction is unable to obtain a Health Care Worker Waiver, the student will be dismissed from the Health Careers Program. Academic Advisers at ICC will offer assistance to re-direct the student to another career path.