Drug Testing Standards and Procedures

Illinois Central College adheres to all policies of clinical facilities with which the College affiliates for student clinical education experiences. Students enrolled in a health career program must have a current negative drug screen prior to beginning program.

Illinois Central College has designated the Illinois Work Injury Resource Center (IWIRC), 736 SW Washington Street, Suite 2A; Peoria, IL, to perform the drug testing. IWIRC will send all test results to ICC. Students must sign a Drug Testing Consent form provide but the College. The student is responsible for all costs incurred. Students will be billed by ICC for the drug testing. The drug screen must be completed by July 15. Students may be withdrawn from their course/program if this requirement is not completed or if test results are positive.

All reasonable efforts will be made to maintain the confidentially of results.

  1. The student will provide a urine specimen for the drug screen. The specimen itself shall be collected at IWIRC, under that facility’s procedures and control.
  2. If the initial drug test indicates a positive result, the student will be given an opportunity to refute the results. The student may also have the same specimens retested, at the student’s expense. The second test must be done within 48 hours of receiving the results.
  3. If after medical review the test result remains positive, the student will be withdrawn from the program.
  4. If the testing facility determines that a student has tampered with a sample during the testing, the student will be immediately dismissed from the program and will not be considered for readmission to an ICC Health Career program.
  5. Students shall be subject to the drug testing policy and rules of the facility providing the clinical education experience, which may require the student to submit to additional drug testing, in compliance with that facility’s individual policies and requirements.
  6. Students shall also be subject to additional testing as required by Illinois Central College, on a for cause basis, as Illinois Central College deems necessary for the administration of student clinical education experiences. Students in the program who have tested positive may be dismissed from the program. Whether any student can remain in the program will be determined at the sole discretion of ICC.