Upon Health Career Program Acceptance

There are additional steps in order to enroll in Health Career Program classes once you have been “officially accepted”.

Step 1 Attend program registration

Plan your class schedule, obtain health information, complete the authorization for fingerprint and background check, and get questions answered. If unable to attend, please call (309) 690-7530.

Step 2 Schedule your IWIRC appointment

Illinois Central College student medical records are kept on file at the Illinois Work Injury Resource Center (IWIRC) in Peoria. Drug screening, background check and finger printing must be completed at IWIRC. It is recommended that the physical examination and immunizations required for admittance into an ICC Health Careers Program be done at the IWIRC, but you may choose your own healthcare provider.

Illinois Work Injury Resource Center (IWIRC)
736 SW Washington, Street, Suite 2A (Washington and State Street)
Peoria, IL 61602
(309) 497-0300
Mon-Fri: 7:30 am – 5 pm

*IWIRC will provide all health services required, including physical exam and immunizations. The physical examination form MUST be completed by a healthcare provider. You may choose your own healthcare provider for completing physical exam and immunization. Documentation for proof of immunizations is required.

Drug Testing Standard and Procedure

Step 3 Call (309) 497-0300 to schedule an appointment at IWIRC, AFTER receiving the Fingerprint Request form from Cedar 105.

The Fingerprint Request form MUST be presented at time of IWIRC appointment. If using a healthcare provider other than IWIRC for your physical exam and immunizations, it is your responsibility to submit completed exam form and documentation of immunizations to IWIRC and Health Careers Assistant.

  • Student is responsible for all fees incurred.
  • Cost of drug screening $44, and fingerprint/background check is $36, will be billed to the student by ICC.
  • Payment for physical exam and immunizations conducted at IWIRC must be paid at time of service.
  • IWIRC accepts debit, credit card, or money order at time of service. No Cash.

You should keep a copy of all documents/information submitted. Program director/faculty is not allowed to accept student health records or information. While enrolled in an ICC Health Careers Program, individual compliance will be continuously monitored. Any student not in compliance will not be allowed to enter or continue in the program.

Questions? Call (309) 690-7532.

Fingerprint/Background Check