Agricultural Business Management – Animal Sciences

Animal Judging_smAnimal production involves raising livestock like cattle, sheep, and hogs, as well as operating dairy farms, poultry and egg farms, and specialty farms like goat farms, fish farms, and even llama ranches.

Animal production is fun and rewarding but requires a year-round commitment. Modern technology has altered the way work is done on animal farms today, but animals still must receive personal attention and care. Animal producers need to be knowledgeable, not just about breeding, feeding, housing, and animal health, but also about local, state, and national laws regarding the environment, nutrient management, and animal welfare. Today’s animal caretaker must be technologically savvy, adaptable to change, and possess superior managerial skills.

If you enjoy working with animals and producing high quality meat and animal products for the discerning customer, this career may be for you. This rapidly evolving industry will challenge you to be a life-long learner as you keep current with new technologies, government standards, and consumer demands.

Career Opportunities

With this degree, you may find employment as:

  • Beef cattle farmer
  • Dairy farmer
  • Hog farmer
  • Animal specialty farmer
  • Herdsman
  • Feed sales
  • Ranch employee
  • Seedstock supplier
  • Marketing advisor
  • Agriculture industry technician

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