Agricultural Business Management – Ag Sales and Service

The Agricultural Business Management program with a concentration in agricultural sales prepares you to become part of the marketing, merchandising, and sales fields of agriculture.

Farmers buy a variety of products – from seed to the sophisticated equipment used in the field. This program develops your understanding of the products related to agriculture and develops your sales and marketing skills. In addition to these skills, you’ll develop a solid foundation in agricultural principles, including an understanding of the economics of agriculture, financing of agriculture, agricultural equipment and mechanics, soil fertility, and crop production.

Sales involves problem-solving. You’ll need to be sensitive to the needs of your customers and be a good problem-solver. You need to be well-organized, detail-oriented, and enjoy working with people. Sales representatives generally are friendly but able to negotiate effectively. A pleasant personality and an appealing personal appearance can enhance your success in the agricultural sales field.

Career Opportunities

With this degree, you may find employment as:

  • Account executive
  • Sales representative/manager
  • Grain merchandiser
  • Purchasing agent
  • Ag computer program sales
  • Fertilizer/chemical sales
  • Seed and crop supply sales
  • Ag equipment/parts sales
  • Animal health product sales
  • Animal seedstock sales
  • Feed sales
  • Insurance agent (with additional training)
  • Auctioneer (with additional training)

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