Honors Program

ICC’s Honors Program exists to broaden and deepen the educational experience of academically qualified students through sustained intellectual and social interaction within a community of other high achieving students. Honors designated sections of courses are smaller in order to promote deeper student-to-student and student-to-faculty interaction. They emphasize active learning through class activities such as in-depth discussion, scholarly research, writing, presentations, and creative production. In addition students with exceptional academic credentials may compete for a full-tuition scholarship by completing an Honors Program Tuition Waiver application. See below for more information about the tuition waiver application and deadlines.

Students who complete a minimum of 15 credit hours (not 15 classes) in designated Honors sections will receive a designation on their official ICC transcript indicating that they have successfully completed the Honors Program. In addition, each designated Honors section is noted as such on the student’s official ICC transcript, whether or not the student fully completes the Honors Program.

Honors Program

Who is eligible to participate?

Any current ICC student (both part-time and full-time) who has at least a cumulative 3.5 GPA in a minimum of 9 credit hours (not 9 classes) of transfer level courses is eligible to participate in the Honors Program. Students coming directly from high school who have not already completed 9 credit hours (not 9 classes) of transfer level courses with a minimum cumulative 3.5 GPA must have at least one of the following in order to be eligible to participate in the honors program:

  • ACT Composite 25 or above
  • SAT Composite 1200 or above
  • High School Cumulative GPA of 3.5

How to get enrolled in Honors designated sections of classes

  1. Complete the brief Honors Program Application.
  2. The Honors Program Coordinator will contact you with more information about the Honors Program and verify that you qualify.
  3. If you qualify, you will receive an approval from the Honors Coordinator and will be able to enroll in Honors designated sections of classes.

Tuition Waiver

50 tuition waivers are available to highly qualified students selected by a faculty-staff committee on the basis of a competitive application process. The tuition waiver is for up to 64 credit hours and does not include books or fees. Applicants for the tuition waiver must be an in-district student who has not yet earned an associate or bachelor degree and must be a full-time student (a minimum of 12 credit hours in each Fall and Spring semester).

Qualifications to Apply

The tuition waiver process is competitive and based on ACT or SAT scores and other factors including but not limited to: high school GPA, extra-curricular involvement, a letter of interest and recommendations.

Score Requirements

  • 1200 or higher on SAT taken March 2016 or after; students who are awarded a tuition waiver typically score in the high 1200s or above.
  • OR
  • 25 or higher on ACT; students who are awarded a tuition waiver typically score in the high 20s or above

Candidates must be an in-district student who has not yet earned an associate or bachelor degree.

To remain in the program, Honors students must maintain a full-time course load, a GPA of cumulative 3.5 or better and must enroll in two Honors sections of general education courses per semester.

How to Apply for Tuition Waiver

To be considered for the Tuition Waiver, complete the application process below.

Application Process

  1. Any student new to ICC needs to apply to ICC before you complete your Honors application.
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the Honors Program deadline. Entrance into the program is not related to financial need.
  3. Complete the Honors Program Tuition Waiver Application.
  4. Honors Program Recommendation Form, submit at least one Recommendation Form. We recommend that you provide this form (or a copy of it) to a teacher or someone who can best comment on your academic performance and potential for success in our Honors Program. One recommendation may provide enough information for our selection committee. However, you may submit up to three recommendation forms with accompanying letters.
  5. Personal Statement (one typewritten page)
    Students should write about what they see as their future and how an ICC education will help them achieve their goals.
  6. *Official high school (including SAT or ACT score with date test taken and cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale) and *college transcripts (including dual credit coursework). Send transcripts directly to Dr. Aaron James. Do not submit transcripts to ICC Admissions.

The recommendation forms, personal statement, high school, and college transcripts need to be mailed directly to:

Honors Program Coordinator

Dr. Aaron James,
Illinois Central College
Honors Program, 316C
1 College Drive East Peoria, IL 61635

Be sure to submit all pieces of your application as stated above. If a component of the application is missing, your application will be incomplete and may not be considered in the applicant pool.


Deadline for Fall Semester enrollment is February 15
Deadline for Spring Semester enrollment is November 1