Financial Aid Alert

Due to a slight delay in processing, the MAP grant refunds will be processed the morning of Monday, December 22. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our students. If you have specific questions regarding your refund, please contact the financial aid office at (309) 694-5311.

Drenckpohl, Derrek

Tuttle, David

Thompson, Donovan

Smyrnoitis, Andrianna

Smith, Steven C

Prusak, Maximillian

Kidd, Randy

Butler, Tamara

Ahles, Paula

Kennedy, Dean

DiBernardino-Doeden, Julie

Rathbun, John

Miller, Ashley

Ho, Danny

Burton, Barbara

Walters, Gregory

Thompson, Victoria

Kasambira, Farai

Hanauer, Robert

Fogler, Emily

Davidson, Sally

Thomas, Barbara

Spiller, Marwin

Snider, Harold

Prunty, Renee