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The ICC Math Bridge Program is designed to help future orĀ current ICC students who are close to placing into the required math course for their major and need to refresh or strengthen their mathematical skills. We use ALEKS-PPL (an online adaptive, self-paced platform) to refresh math skills and hopefully improve placement.

If you are interested in the ICC Math Bridge Program, fill out the Math Bridge Application below.

Please allow at least two business days after submitting your request. It will help if you provide all requested information as completely and accurately as possible. Our quickest form of communication is email so be sure your school email address is correct and check it often.

If it is determined you would benefit from the Math Bridge Program, our Math Lab coordinator, Jeff Hempstead, will contact you to arrange a time for your Math Bridge orientation. During this visit, you will take an initial assessment using ALEKS-PPL on our lab computer. This will identify the math topics which require improvement. Following the assessment, we will show you how to use the Prep and Learning Modules in ALEKS-PPL to provide needed practice.

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