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Due to a slight delay in processing, the MAP grant refunds will be processed the morning of Monday, December 22. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our students. If you have specific questions regarding your refund, please contact the financial aid office at (309) 694-5311.

Health Careers

The programs listed include all that have been approved by the State of Illinois. Programs approved by the State after deadlines for the printed Catalog will appear in this list, but not in the PDF or online version of the Catalog listed on this site.

Health Careers Booklet

Our Booklet is designed to give you an initial view of health careers and the educational requirements that qualify you to enter.

Admissions to Health Careers

There are additional steps to follow in order to be admitted to a Health Career program. Select the button below to learn more.

Selection Process

Select the button below to learn more on the Admission Criteria Point Selection for most programs.

Upon Program Acceptance

There are additional steps in order to enroll in Health Career classes. Select the button below to learn more.