IAI is only a guide. The best place to obtain current transfer information is from the school to which you are transferring. The Illinois Articulation Initiative only helps keep you on the RIGHT TRACK!

The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI), is a statewide program to assist you in transferring from one participating IAI institution to another as you make your way to your bachelor’s degree. The IAI encompasses both the general education curriculum and some of the more popular major programs that are being offered by four-year colleges and universities throughout the state of Illinois.

The IAI provides benefits to both students and parents who look for the most cost-effective path for educational goals. By working with your academic advisor and using the IAI website, you will reduce the chances of taking courses that may not be accepted at the school that you wish to transfer to, thus reducing unnecessary expenses.

A listing of IAI/ICC General Education course alignment can be found on Page 168-169 of the ICC Catalog.