Creating a Club

Before you begin the process of forming a new student club, keep in mind that each club at ICC must support the mission of the college and meet a need that is currently not being met by any existing club. Take some time and check out the current clubs to be sure. Our clubs are formed to meet a variety of personal, social, political, recreational, leadership, and religious interests.

If there is not an existing club, we encourage you to follow the steps below in order to start the process of forming a new club. Hopefully, there are many other students out there with a similar interest as you look for community!

  1. Complete and return the Charter form to the office of Student Life.
  2. Meet with the Student Life Manager to discuss your plans and goals.
  3. Survey students and find a minimum of 10 who are interested in joining the club. Complete and return the General Membership Roster.
  4. Select an advisor(s) for your club. This must be a currently employed staff or faculty member (full-time or adjunct) and have the advisor(s) approved.
  5. Draft a constitution
  6. Discuss paperwork, constitution, polices, and services with our office.
  7. Receive a copy of the Registered Club Handbook
  8. Hold a club meeting to approve the constitution and formally elect officers.
  9. Complete and return the Intent to be Active form
  10. Complete and return the Signature Pages.
  11. Attend a student club orientation, that’s held at the beginning of each Fall Semester.

At first, the process to forming a new club may seem overwhelming but our office is here to help you through the process.