Online Student Rights and Responsibilities

A student taking an online class or classes from Illinois Central College should consider these rights and responsibilities.

Students taking an online class or classes must:

  1. Demonstrate the technical and academic skills to be a successful online student; one who can operate the computer and internet functions necessary to complete an online class and someone who has the self-discipline and time management skills to work independently.
  2. Have ready access to a computer and the internet and a backup plan if hardware or internet access fails.
  3. Use software that complies with the minimum requirements of software necessary to access and run the course.
  4. Obtain required textbooks and, if needed, related course materials or supplies.
  5. Log in and contribute to the online class on a regular basis in a meaningful way.
  6. Know and comply with due date and deadline requirements of the course.
  7. Communicate with the instructor and fellow students in a professional, polite manner, using appropriate tone, language, grammar, and spelling.
  8. Know and understand student rights and responsibilities as detailed by the class syllabus, ICC Student Rights and Responsibilities, and other policies.
  9. Locate and use academic support resources such as tutoring, writing consultation, and library services.
  10. Demonstrate commitment to academic honesty by completing assignments and other coursework with integrity.
  11. Monitor and ask questions about his/her course grade.
  12. Save backup copies of assignments and class emails.
  13. Comply with online participation requirements to avoid being dropped for non-participation at the beginning of or the mid-point of class.  Consult the class syllabus and the instructor for class-specific requirements and procedures.