Ready for Online Learning?

  • PREPARED for online learning?  Find out what it takes
  • ENROLLED in online classes?  Learn what you need to know to get started
  • Want to SUCCEED online??  Hear advice from ICC faculty experienced in online teaching

Online learning isn’t “easier”…

  • Classes are instructor-led and require specific deadlines for completing tasks and submitting assignments.
  • Content in an online class is not “watered down”; an online class has the same outcomes as an in-person class.
  • Taking more responsibility for your own learning can be more challenging than taking a class face-to-face.
  • If you do not have enough time to take a class in person, it’s likely you do not have enough time to take a class online; set aside time to regularly work on your online class.
  • If you do not manage your time or study well independently, you may want to reconsider taking an online class.

Adapted from Online Education for Dummies

Myths of Online Learning

“Wow! This will be easy! I don’t even have to go to class!”
“It’s online so there will be less work.”
“I can log in and do the work whenever I feel like it.”

The Fine Print: Online learning generally isn’t “easier”; there is no less work. An online class may seem like more work because you are doing more on your own, but your tradeoff is the flexibility of learning online, outside of the classroom. Online classes generally have structured deadlines and due dates; you do not work at your own pace for the entire semester. Be sure to enroll in online classes for the right reasons, and plan for the time and commitment you need to be successful!

What can you do to become a successful online student?

  • Log in regularly and actively participate
  • Read and re-read course information and assignment instructions
  • Plan for and spend dedicated time on reading and studying course materials
  • Ask questions and contribute to online discussions
  • Communicate with your instructor and other students
  • Work on assignments before they are due and submit assignments by the deadlines
  • Keep track of your assignment and course grades