Options for Summer Semester

Per U.S. Department of Education and Federal Student Aid regulations, if a student has received 100% of his or her first scheduled Pell award, the student is not eligible for additional funding in the current aid year.

A typical way a student uses 100% of the first scheduled Pell award is if the student was enrolled full time for the fall and spring semester, and the student received the full time disbursement for each of those semesters.

This is also applicable to students that transfer in from other institutions during an aid year.

The aid year at ICC begins with the fall semester and ends with the following summer semester.

If you have not been disbursed 100% of your Pell grant during the year, you may have funding available for enrollment in the summer semester. We monitor summer enrollment and award students that are eligible for any financial aid funding for the semester. You will receive a separate award email to your ICC student email if you are eligible for any summer financial aid funds.

If you would like to use student loan dollars for the summer semester and have not used your annual limit, you will need to submit the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Acceptance PacketĀ for the summer semester.