Enrollment Services

Our Enrollment Service Representatives are ready to provide you with individual support.

Student Accounting

  • Understanding your student account
  • Making a payment/Setting up a payment plan
  • Locating your 1098-T
  • Applying for tuition appeal

Student Records

  • Updating/Changing your personal information
  • Applying for Residency/Residency Appeal
  • Requesting/Submitting Transcripts
  • Applying for Graduation [email protected]
  • Student Records

Financial Aid

  • Understanding the basics – What is Financial Aid, How do I apply/Renew my FAFSA
  • Completing your To-Do List (Checklist) items
  • Accepting Student Loans/Loan Deferment
  • Connecting you to the Scholarship Department
  • Financial Aid


  • Explaining holds and steps to clear hold
  • Answering Enrollment Questions and/or Referring you to the appropriate Advising Department for further information – Health Careers, GED, CDL, ESL, Workforce Equity, etc
  • For Assistance with dropping classes, follow these instructions

Privacy Concerning Student Records
Due to Federal guidelines, ICC is prohibited to release any information that may be considered confidential to anyone other than the student. Many times a photo id will be required to discuss matters of importance or sensitivity. ICC stays committed to assuring the safety and confidentiality of our students.

If a student wishes for information to be shared or discussed with any other party, a Release of Information form may be filed with the student records office. This will need to be completed in person within Enrollment Services.