Student Feedback

Unfair Treatment

Grievance Procedure of unfair treatment

A student grievance is defined as a complaint arising out of any alleged unauthorized or unjustified act or decision by a member of the ICC community, which in any way adversely affects the status, rights or privileges of any student. Typically, grievances are a response to an action that has been taken against a student by a faculty or staff member that is without justification or basic fairness. A student alleging unfair treatment may make a complaint to the College official directly responsible for the supervision of the person(s) alleged to be responsible for the occurrence or situation immediately but no later than 15 days after the end of the semester in which the occurrence or situation occurred. If the student cannot readily determine who the supervisor is, the student should call the Vice President of Student Services, (309) 694-8971, to report the complaint.

An attempt shall be made to resolve the problem through a review of the complaint and informal discussion among the parties.

If the complainant is not satisfied with the informal resolution in Step 1, he/she shall within ten (10) class days of the end of such informal resolution process, submit his/her complaint in writing to the Vice President of Student Services or designee. The faculty or staff member involved will also be made aware of the pending grievance and will be provided a copy of the formal grievance. The Vice President of Student Services or designee shall convene a meeting of the Student Appeals Committee.

The Student Appeals Committee shall consist of two full-time professional staff members, two faculty and two students, and is chaired by the Vice President of Student Services or designee. Should the complaint directly involve the Vice President, a designee will assume all responsibilities.

The members of the Student Appeals Committee shall be appointed by the first day of classes for the Fall term and shall serve until a new committee is formed. Alternates for the staff, faculty, and student members shall also be appointed. Members may serve for more than one term.

The Vice President of Student Services or designee shall attempt to convene a meeting of the committee within five (5) class days of receiving the written complaint. The Vice President of Student Services or designee will be the chairperson of the committee. The chair will vote only in order to break ties. The committee may interview all appropriate parties, review all information they deem relevant to the grievance, and consider written statements from any party involved. The committee proceedings shall not be conducted according to technical legal rules of evidence. Evidence that is irrelevant, unduly repetitious or cumulative shall be excluded. The complainant and the responding party may speak on their own behalf, present witnesses, and question any witness against them. Neither party is entitled to representation by an attorney in these proceedings. The chair will preside over the meeting and arrange for minutes to be taken. After hearing the evidence presented, the committee will decide on the disposition of the grievance. The chair will prepare the committee’s written decision and communi- cate it to the complainant and respondent in writing within five (5) class days of the hearing. The decision of the committee shall be final and binding on all parties.