Strategic Planning

Join us as we continue to guide our college into a successful future through idea sharing, collaboration and partnerships with other institutions!

2018 Strategic Planning Retreat

Videos and support documents are available on the ICC Intranet. Please note that you will need to be on-campus or have VPN access to view.

Strategic Goal Team Charters


Increase completion rates for all student, particularly underperforming student groups.

This goal will address creating systems that improve the outcomes of all student while targeting groups with high completion rate gaps (African-American, Pell-eligible, and part-time students). It will also consider the unique needs of adult students in programming redesign that aligns with career and academic goal attainment for returning adults.

Institutional Operational Goal 20
Explore and design a college-wide advising, delivery model for more effective case management.

College Readiness & Multiple Measures

Improve college readiness, career readiness, and student transitions across the educational ecosystem.

This goal will address issues such as early high school interventions in English and Math, creating pathways from high school to ICC to transfer institutions/workforce, and improving success rates of students who begin in developmental courses.

Institutional Operational Goal 15
Expand and formalize Early College and college readiness models.

Operational Goal 18
Scale multiple measures and bridges for academic placement at college level.

Curriculum Templates

Align curricula with workforce, transfer institutions, and community needs to ensure ICC meets regional demands.

This goal will address curriculum alignment with partners, which may include businesses, community groups, economic development agencies, state and federal agencies, and funding/granting agencies. Additionally, it will address building and sustaining partnerships to guide pathways, scheduling, and work-based experiences while seeking resource-sharing and explicit outcomes.

Institutional Operational Goal 18
Update curricular planning templates for transfer and career programs to support student outcomes.

First-Semester Experience

Enhance the student-focused culture to increase student engagement.

this goal address the redesign of our students’ experiences for ease of engagement, which may include on boarding, scheduling, advising and enrollment. Additionally, it address the delivery of student-learning services and ensures academic innovation.

Institutional Operational Goal 14
Explore and design the project phases for a common First Semester Experiences (FSE) for all degree/certificate seeking students.

Employee Change Management Training

Build capacity for change to support employee engagement in the strategic agenda.

This goal addresses employee support through professional development, active involvement, and transparent communications, while enhancing employee opportunities for job-sharing and cross-training.

Institutional Operational Goal 1
Design employee training programs to build shared understanding to create capacity for change.

Institutional Measure: Student advancement Rate

Celebration of Learning

On Tuesday, August 15 during ICC’s Annual Celebration of Learning, employees were apprised of the next steps in the planning process and learned how each can participate in the on-going development and implementation of the plan. Please watch the recording of the session below!

Community Strategic Planning Conference

On March 23-24, 2017, ICC held a Community Strategic Planning Conference. Below you will find information on five of the presentations delivered.

Strategic Directions and Goal Statements

Strategic Directions and Goal Statements

Feedback Surveys

Employee Feedback | Participants Feedback | Invited Speakers Feedback

Day 1

Educational Attainment and the New Economy
Haley Glover, Strategic Director, Lumina Foundation (via skype)
Presentation Video | Slide Content

Educational Transitions
Dr. Lazarao Lopez, Chair, Illinois Community College Board
Presentation and Panel Discussion Video | Slide Content

Aligning Workforce and Education
Jeff Mays, Director, Illinois Department of Employment Security
Presentation and Panel Discussion Video | Slide Content

Serving Adult Markets: Filling the Pipeline through Innovative Programming
Deborah Davidson, Vice President of Business and Workforce Solutions, Gateway Technical College
Presentation and Panel Discussion Video | Slide Content

Group Work – Strategic Directions
Report Out Video

Group Work – Goal Themes
Report Out Video

Day 2

Community College Integrated Model
Dr. Susan Mayer, Senior Partner, Student Achievement Initiatives, Miami Dade College
Presentation Video | Slide Content

Group Work – Goal Themes
Report Out Video

Group Work – Strategic Directions
Report Out Video

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Strategic Planning Speakers

Our strategic planning speakers have graciously volunteered their presentations without charge to the College. Please help show our support for their help by attending or viewing the materials presented.

Session 5: Instructional Innovation

Informative session on Instructional Innovation with two experts from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign: Adam D. Fein, Assistant Provost for Educational Innovation, and Dr. José J. Vázquez-Cognet, Clinical Professor in the Department of Economics and Coordinator of e-Learning for the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Session 5 White Paper

Session 4: Serving Adult Markets

During this interactive session, Dr. Kathi Swanson, President of Clarus Corporation, presented models that may be used to serve adult markets. Dr. Swanson included ICC data and information from focus groups held at ICC in early November 2016. She also presented an analysis of ICC’s enrollment trends and unique characteristics of our adult market as well as recommendations on best practices that ICC may consider. Her presentation was followed by an interactive discussion and a reflection activity about possibilities for ICC’s future.

Due to the sensitive nature of the information provided in these videos, viewers will have access only while on campus (or VPN) and while logged into a computer using USR credentials.

Enrollment Trends


Adult Market

High School Market

Session 3: Building Partnerships with High Schools to Improve College and Career Readiness

Informative session with Jonathan Furr, Executive Director for Education Systems Center at Northern Illinois University.

Mr. Furr has state and national experience in educational policy and has researched how community colleges are improving career and college readiness outcomes for high school students. He discussed what strategies colleges throughout the state have found successful in enhancing relationships with district high schools, as well as improving college readiness for students.

Session 2: “SOAR”

Together we can reach new levels of collective understanding by identifying ICC’s Strengths and Opportunities. This session concluded by brainstorming the Aspirations and Results that are essential to “Designing Tomorrow, Today.”

Session 2 Factoids

Session 2 White Paper

Session 1: Designing Tomorrow, Today

Dr. Quirk-Bailey kicked off the first session of ICC’s Strategic Planning process.

Session 1 Scenarios

Session 1 White Paper