Striving for success on the court and in the classroom

Name: Josi Becker
Hometown/High School: Morton High School, Morton, Il
Major: Biology
Aspiring to be: Pediatrician

QuestionWhy did you choose Illinois Central College?


I chose ICC mainly to play basketball. The basketball program is very successful, has a great coaching staff, and I like the style of play. Illinois Central College is very convenient for me and my family because we only live 15 minutes away. When I came on my visit, I really enjoyed the campus, basketball program and the facilities. Also, before choosing ICC, I talked to an alumnus who majored in biology about the academics, and that solidified my decision that ICC is a good school that will prepare me academically for the future.

QuestionWhat were your initial hopes or expectations of ICC?


My initial hopes for ICC were for the college to provide me with a good education that will prepare me for my future, especially the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). I came here expecting to get my general education out of the way as well as taking courses I need for my major. I also expected it to provide me with a great basketball experience, which it has. We made it to the national tournament and had a great season, which consisted of a 32-game win streak.

QuestionWhat surprised you about ICC?


The thing that surprised me the most was how fast some of the classes teach their information. I was so used to going to class every day in high school and having an extended amount of time to learn the concepts, and now at ICC, the professors fit a whole semester of information in half the amount of time. Another thing that surprised me was the amount of academic support. ICC provides tutors, student instructors, and, of course, the professors to help their students succeed.

QuestionAs a member of the women’s basketball team, how has your time as a student-athlete impacted your experience here?


I have loved being a part of the women’s basketball team. It has made my time much more enjoyable and has brought me lifelong friends. It has kept me involved with the student body and has helped me meet new people. Basketball does take up a lot of time, but it has helped me learn time management and develop leadership skills. It has allowed me to travel to new places and experience the NJCAA national tournament.

QuestionWhat aspects of ICC have been most helpful to you on your path toward earning a college degree?


The courses I am taking and the experiences I am receiving from playing basketball have helped me on my path to earning a college degree. Basketball helps me because it motivates me to get good grades and keeps me on a schedule. Also, I think the small classes really benefit me. I am able to develop relationships with my professors and ask them questions when needed which is very useful.

QuestionWhat advice would you give other students to find their own success at ICC?


The best advice I could give is to do your homework, study, and ask for help. Another important thing to do is stay ahead of your work so you do not fall behind. The last thing I would say to do is make friends in every class you take so if you do happen to miss, you can get notes from them.

QuestionWhat are your further plans, and do you plan to transfer from ICC?


I will transfer after ICC but am still undecided on where I plan to go. I need to decide whether or not I will be playing basketball or just focusing on my academics. I do know that I plan to take the MCAT with hopes to get into medical school to become a doctor.

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