Media Policy

Illinois Central College’s Public Relations Office, a part of the Marketing and College Communications Department, assists media professionals seeking information and requesting interviews for stories involving students and employees or in matters concerning the College. It is the policy of ICC’s Public Relations staff to maintain a cooperative relationship with area media within specific guidelines that protect the rights of our students and employees and honor the learning environment of the College.

The Marketing and College Communications Department believes in limiting the restrictions placed on media. However, in the interest of the expectation of privacy of our faculty, staff and students, we require visitors to the following guidelines:

  • Media personnel must first contact the Public Relations Office for permission and assistance in scheduling interviews with students, administrators and staff.
  • Media personnel should check in at the Information Desk immediately upon arrival on campus or check in with a previously designated ICC employee. The Public Relations Office then will be advised of the presence of media on campus.
  • Media personnel will receive a Press Pass and will register with the Information Desk for the duration of their visit to campus. The Press Pass must be returned at the conclusion of the visit. The Press Pass must be worn or otherwise visible while media representative is on campus.
  • Media personnel are expected to honor the privacy of students and staff by respecting their right to decline being interviewed or videotaped for any reason.
  • Media personnel are expected to abide by all Campus Police Department rules and parking regulations.


  • Media personnel must secure advanced permission from ICC’s Public Relations Office before entering classrooms, private offices and other college property for the purpose of videotaping or interviewing students and staff or anywhere else there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. *

* Illinois Central College abides by the laws set forth in the Open Meetings Act, which is a state law that requires meetings held by public bodies be open to public access, except in specific cases. This Act also applies to meetings held by our ICC Board of Trustees.

Please note: ICC’s Campus Police Department and administration have the right to suspend or cancel the above rules without prior notice in emergency situations.