Illinois Central College to offer Tuition Relief this Fall to Students With 12+ Credit Hours

Illinois Central College recognizes the profound impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on students and their educational goals. To lessen these impacts and provide increased support, the College will offer tuition relief in the amount of $465, or the cost of one in-district, three-credit-hour class, to students enrolled in 12+ credit hours for the fall semester.  

“Supporting our students and removing barriers so they can continue receiving a quality education is our top priority. The tuition relief is an extraordinary step in extraordinary times to help our students reengage at a full-time pace,” said ICC President Dr. Sheila Quirk-Bailey. “Research shows when students take 12 or more credit hours in a semester, their likelihood of student success and completion increases. That is why the tuition relief is designed for full-time students – to increase student success. It will allow students to accelerate or relaunch their educational journeys and will especially benefit those who paused their education, reduced their credit hours, or took a gap year due to COVID.” 

The credit will only be reflected on accounts in which a student is enrolled in 12 credit hours or more throughout the semester. The automatic credit will be applied to accounts no later than August 1. No action on behalf of students is required. The College hopes this financial support drives COVID-impacted students to reengage with ICC to achieve their educational goals.   

“This tuition relief allows students who are taking 12 credit hours to only pay for nine, or those with 15 credit hours to only pay for 12, and so on. It gives students an opportunity to either pay less tuition or to add another class, helping accelerate their education,” shared Dr. Quirk-Bailey. “Students will have the option to engage with us in-person, online or through hybrid formats. The ability to complete a credential in ways that work with students’ lives has never been stronger. There has never been a better time for new students to begin building their future or for former students to reengage at ICC.” 

Class registration is available for current students at and for new students at 

Tuition Relief FAQ

Is the Tuition Relief a refund?

No, the student will not receive any refund unless they already paid in full.

Is the Tuition Relief a scholarship?

No, the Tuition Relief is a credit that will be applied to the student’s balance if they are enrolled in 12+ credit hours.

What if a student is already enrolled in 12+ credit hours and paid in full?

For 16-week classes, the Tuition Relief will be reviewed on September 1. Any student enrolled in 12+ credit hours who paid their balance in full will receive a $465 refund.

What if a student receives a tuition waiver due to athletics, music, art, etc.?

The tuition waiver would cover all tuition so the student would not owe the College any money. Therefore, the $465 credit wouldn’t be applied to their account because it’s a zero balance.

What if a student’s tuition waiver only covers 8 credit hours, but they are enrolled in 12+ credit hours?

The tuition waiver will be applied to the 8 credit hours, the $465 Tuition Relief credit will be added to their account, and the student will owe the remaining balance.

Will the student receive a refund if their 12+ credit hour tuition is being paid for by a third party, such as their company, Veterans, Voc Rehab, etc.?

No, the student will not receive a refund. The third party will be billed for the total tuition minus the $465 Tuition Relief credit.

When will the Tuition Relief be applied?

The Tuition Relief will be applied once the student is enrolled in 12+ credit hours and after it has been verified on September 1. The student must stay enrolled in 12+ credit hours throughout the entire academic semester.

What happens if I drop below 12 credit hours after the semester begins?

If a student drops below 12 credit hours at any point in the academic semester, the $465 Tuition Relief credit will be removed from their account.

What impact could this have on my financial aid?

For students who receive financial aid, the Tuition Relief is added to your anticipated aid (similar to a scholarship) and may impact your refund amount.