ICC National Apprenticeship Week Feature: Jay

Jay, a sophomore, is participating in the Industrial Maintenance apprenticeship program at ICC. The program is teaching him how to install, repair and maintain commercial or industrial machinery in buildings, pants and manufacturing settings.

Jay said, “The apprenticeship program is very beneficial for someone starting with a small knowledge base who wants to develop into a skilled craftsman. It allows you the opportunity to gain as much on-the-job experience as possible. I am definitely a more robust craftsman because of the ICC apprenticeship program.”

As an industrial maintenance technician, Jay is learning to ensure all machines are functioning properly through troubleshooting and preventative maintenance services. He is also adjusting and calibrating equipment and machinery to optimal specifications and reading manuals to better understand equipment and controls. He attributes these new skills to the excellent teaching staff at the college. “Every moment I’ve spent at ICC, I’ve felt my professors were personally invested in me and my fellow students' success. I cannot overstate how important that was for me.”

Jay urges others to take advantage of the apprenticeship program, too. “Show up on time. Attend each class and take involved notes. Take advantage of the on-the-job training and you will be successful.”

Industrial maintenance technicians can expect a long-term career with a good salary, job advancement opportunities and the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology while working with their hands. The median salary is $54,524 per year, with highly experienced workers earning up to $78,727 annually.

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