ICC Hosts Cover Crop Field Day November 3

ICC will host its annual Cover Crop Field Day on Thursday, November 3, from 1-3:30 pm, at the Horticulture Land Lab on the East Peoria Campus. The field day will include short presentations and plot tours for area farmers and agricultural businessmen.

Presenters include Gordon Roskamp and Pete Fandel, who are all currently working with cover crop research at various locations in Central Illinois. A representative from Waterborne Environmental also will talk about the tile water testing at ICC in relation to cover crops. Participants will learn about different cover crop species, planting dates, herbicide carryover, and many other topics related to cover crops. Everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions regarding crop cover management in their own operations.

To register, call ICC Associate Professor Pete Fandel at (309) 694-5410, or email [email protected].