ICC Bans Hoverboards

Illinois Central College today announced it is expanding its existing policy banning skates and skateboards to include “hoverboards” and other similar wheeled devices.

“The ban is effective immediately and is in direct response to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s investigation into dozens of fires related to these products,” said Campus Police Chief Tom Larson. “Other colleges and universities have followed suit enacting similar bans, and we agree it is the best option to secure the safety of our students, employees and visitors.”

The college recently updated its College Regulations Policy to broaden the ban to include skates, skateboards, in-line skates, “heely” shoes, hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, powered skateboards and similar wheeled devices. The regulation applies to all ICC and ICC Educational Foundation property, including the Campus Housing residential property.

Violators are subject to an ICC Regulation Violation Notice, which results in a fine of $25, and the possibility of other college disciplinary measures.

For questions regarding this policy, contact ICC Campus Police at (309) 694-5223.