ICC Academic Support Center Offers FREE Student Success Workshops

The ICC Academic Support Center (ASC), located at both the East Peoria and Peoria Campuses, offers a series of four workshops aimed at improving student success.

The FREE workshops are targeted for students, but faculty and staff are always welcome to attend as well.

The four workshops offered during the spring 2019 semester focus on the cognitive skills students need to drive success in their coursework. They include:

  • Using Your Learning Style: Identify ways you prefer to learn and effectively implement these strategies into your academic routine. Develop multiple ways of learning and practice different study techniques with a focus on increasing confidence in your approach to learning.
  • Conquering Test Anxiety: Learn how to improve your test-taking skills and employ troubleshooting strategies to use before, during, and after tests to curb anxiety.
  • Relieving Tim Pressure: Find balance among you many responsibilities by learning to manage your time through evaluating priorities and budget time.
  • Taking Effective Notes: Effective note taking keeps you alert in class, improves listening skills, helps organize material, and makes an excellent study guide. Learn strategies to develop better note taking skills to make studying and understanding outside of class easier.

To see view the calendar and register for one or more of these FREE workshops, visit the Academic Support Center page at

For questions, contact the East Peoria Campus ASC at (309) 694-5768 or the Peoria Campus ASC at (309) 690-6833.

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