FAFSA News — Changes to Verification Requirements

A change was announced by the Department of Education on Monday, April 24, 2017. To provide relief to students selected for financial aid verification, some requirements for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 have been changed.

Effective immediately, students and parents will be able to submit a signed 2015 Federal Tax Return instead of a Tax Transcript to satisfy the requirements on their to-do lists. This is an alternative to using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool which is currently unavailable.

Also, if a student or a parent was not required to file taxes, the ICC Financial Assistance Office has created a form to show proof of non-filing. It is not on the ICC website, but it can be requested it in person, via email, or by calling the Financial Assistance Office. We will still need copies of W-2s for proof of income.

We can accept these items instead of directing students and parents to the local IRS office. This is effective immediately and will remain in effect until the IRS Data Retrieval Tool is available or until we receive further guidance. If additional items are needed, we will notify the student. If you have a question about acceptable documentation for verification, please contact The Financial Assistance Office and (309) 694-5311 or [email protected].