Changing Student Lives at ICC

Veronica Lee is beginning her second year at ICC, and has set her goals high. The sophomore, majoring in psychology, plans to transfer to Bradley University, where she intends to get her Master's degree, and eventually, a Ph.D.

Veronica plans to combine two of her passions, animals and psychology, to create her dream job for her career. "Most people in psychology get a minor in nutrition or sociology, but since I really like animals, I decided to combine the two," she said. "I want to be a psychiatrist and a certified animal trainer, with animals in my practice to support my patients emotionally. Plus, I'd get the chance to bring my dog to work every day, and you can’t beat that!"

ICC was Veronica's smart choice because of how affordable it is. She encourages other students looking at college to consider attending a community college. "Definitely look into going to a community college because it’s more affordable and you’re working towards your general education credits in your first two years no matter where you go, generally.  You may even change degrees once or twice, so it's smart to start at a community college with cheaper tuition as opposed to a four-year college."

Veronica is a proud member of ICC's Phi Theta Kappa and serves as Vice President of Service. PTK is the world’s largest and most prestigious honor society for community college students.  This summer, Lee was awarded the Coca-Cola Leaders of Promise Scholarship, which recognizes 200 Phi Theta Kappa members across the nation from over 900 applicants. Lee is also president of ICC’s Understanding Individuality Through Education (or UNITE) club.

She credits ICC with realizing her potential and helping her achieve something she never thought possible. "I’ve become more mature and responsible since starting school at ICC. In high school, I passed but knew I wasn't getting the grades I should be.  At ICC, I was determined to get good grades, so when I got the email from Phi Theta Kappa saying I was accepted into the honor society, that was an incredible moment for me," she said. "Growing up, I had ADHD and really struggled with it. I was never that 'honor society kid.'  Now, the fact that I'm an honor society student at ICC, is pretty amazing."

Veronica is also passionate about accepting everyone for who they are. "Accepting people, loving and being happy for them, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, or culture, is something very important to me."

When asked what a college education means to her, she said, "It means reaching my goals. Without my education, I wouldn’t be able to become an animal therapist or go into psychology. It gives me a chance to become a better person, and to meet different types of people, and associate myself with different religions, backgrounds, and cultures of people I wouldn’t have met otherwise."

Congratulations on your accomplishments, Veronica, and thanks for making ICC your Smart Choice.

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