At ICC, scholarships provide opportunities

Fernando Herrera is a first-year student at ICC, studying business finance. He chose this area of study because of his family upbringing. “While I was growing up, my family always had financial struggles. When I was eight years old, I was a waiter at my dad’s restaurant, El Mexicano. I loved every second of it, and remember earning tips and my dad giving me money for doing a good job,” said Fernando. “I will forever cherish those memories because not only was it fun to work with my family, but I felt like I earned the money I worked so hard to receive. It was the first time I truly understood what a hard work ethic meant, and the logistics of running a business.”

A year later, however, Fernando and his family found themselves struggling to get by at the restaurant due to financial issues. The family ended up closing the restaurant and has struggled with finances as a result.

This experience led Fernando to a discussion about future career goals with his younger brother. The brothers decided they’ll start a carpentry business together in the future, in which Fernando will be responsible for finances of the business while his brother will do the carpentry work. This goal of, once again, having a family business, is what led Fernando to major in business finance at ICC.
Fernando chose ICC because of the numerous courses and flexible class scheduling. He said ICC was his family’s “smart choice” with the many available scholarships and financial aid. He also credits the College with helping him transition into adulthood and preparing him for life after he earns an Associate degree.

When Fernando applied to ICC and was notified he’d be receiving a scholarship, he was overwhelmed with joy. “The Kuhl Insurance Scholarship gave me the financial assistance I needed, and also gave me hope. This scholarship is now helping me achieve my dreams without the financial worry and has given me a foundation to build from,” said Fernando. “I want to sincerely thank those who contribute to ICC scholarships. Your support helps students like me, who are praying for the opportunity to follow their dreams, to succeed.”

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