At ICC, scholarships are life-changing

Brenna Lindsey dropped out of high school at the end of her junior year in 2013 due to a lack of motivation and drive to succeed. She obtained her GED certificate from the Peoria courthouse in 2014 and began working two full-time jobs, one at Starbucks and one at an ice cream shop. She worked these jobs for two years until she became dissatisfied and realized this was not her long-term goal.

Brenna decided she needed to continue her education and enrolled in Illinois Central College, where she did general education classes while deciding what area of healthcare she wanted to go into.

During this time, she attended her cousin’s graduation from the ICC radiography program. Brenna talked with her cousin about how much she loved being an x-ray technician, which prompted her to look further into the program. Brenna decided to apply to the ICC radiography program and was “shocked and so excited” when she received an acceptance letter in the spring of 2017.

She is currently in the first semester of her second year of the ICC radiography program. “I am a little over halfway through the program,” said Brenna. “It’s tough at times, but I’m enjoying the process and learning a lot.”

Brenna has continued to work multiple jobs throughout her three years at ICC. Unable to qualify for financial aid, she continues working at the ice cream shop in her hometown, and also as an intern in the radiology department at UnityPoint Health – Proctor. She stays extremely busy with classes, work, and attending clinicals four days a week. Fortunately, the ICC Educational Foundation has awarded her a scholarship for which she is “extremely grateful because it lightens the financial burden a little.”

Brenna will graduate from ICC in July of 2020, and hopes to work in Peoria for a couple years before becoming a traveling technologist. Her ultimate goal is to travel to different states and countries while working.

Brenna is thankful to ICC and all those who support her and her fellow ICC classmates in achieving their dreams!

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