At ICC, scholarships are changing lives forever

Richard Gude III’s story, like many of ICC students’, is one of passion, persistence and drive as he overcame obstacles, leading him to ICC.

Richard has earned his ICC associate degree in automotive technology. However, his dreams of becoming an engineer led him to enroll at ICC again to pursue a civil engineer degree. After graduating from ICC, he plans to earn a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in engineering.

While Richard was in high school, his parents divorced and his mom was diagnosed as disabled. When he graduated, he made the tough choice to put college on hold and stay home to help his mom. This included working full-time in order to help pay bills, as well as doing chores and keeping the house up. Fortunately, Richard’s mother found a great employment opportunity and became financially stable, allowing him to begin focusing on himself and his education.

In 2017, Richard enrolled in the ICC automotive program. Richard admitted, “I almost dropped out of school after spending all my saved money on tuition because I lacked the funds to purchase the program’s required toolbox. It was suggested to me to reach out to the foundation. They granted me a scholarship to cover the toolbox, allowing me to stay in school. Since then, I have seen the miracles the foundation does.”

Richard said, “Being a scholarship recipient allows me to continue to reach my goals and shows me I am making the right decisions for my life and journey... It shows me even if you grow up in a family of eight where you’re constantly struggling day-in and day-out; where you spend full winters bundled head-to-toe because there’s no heat in your home; when you have to go to school at 6 am and stay late to take showers in the locker room; that even then, you have as good of chance as anyone to make something of your life.”

“I will be forever grateful I’ve crossed paths with ICC, the Educational Foundation, and the scholarship donors. You are constantly changing lives forever.”

Congratulations to Richard Gude III.

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