At ICC, our instructors matter

Chelsea Elizabeth Poe, a Farmington Central High School alumnus, graduated from the ICC Culinary Arts Management program in May, and currently works as a culinary teaching assistant at The Cookery in Morton. Chelsea chose ICC because she had heard it was “a really great program”, it was conveniently local, and it was one of the most affordable culinary programs in the country.

“I was happy with ICC’s culinary program because it allowed me to not only get into a field I loved, but also allowed me to have instructors who loved teaching it,” said Poe. “My advisors made it easy to understand what classes I needed in order to be successful, and so I could graduate the program in two years, which was important to me.”

Chelsea was most surprised and thrilled with her instructors at ICC. “I was so surprised with how much all the instructors cared! Not just my culinary instructors, but even my math and English teachers made me feel important. They treated me like an individual student rather than just another person taking their classes.”

In particular, Chelsea gives credit to her culinary instructors for helping her attain a degree. “I can't express how much they taught and helped me along the way. They kept me on track and held me accountable. I loved coming to class and looked forward to the new things they taught us each day,” she said.

When it came to finding a job after graduating, she noted the instructors’ involvement in the culinary world outside of ICC as being extremely beneficial. “They helped me navigate jobs I would and wouldn’t enjoy, and helped lead me to my current job of working for one of my past instructors,” said Poe. “I wouldn't be where I am without the culinary instructors!”

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