U.S. Sees Continued Job Growth for Mechatronics Technology

Prepare for a career as an electro-mechanical technician! **The manufacturing industry continues to need skilled technicians to work on automated production processes and computer control systems. *From 2016 to 2026, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the employment of electro-mechanical technicians will grow by 4%. The median pay for these kinds of positions in 2016 was $55,610 per year.

**”Demand for electro-mechanical technicians is likely to grow as demand increases for engineers to design and build new equipment in various fields. Consequently, employers will likely seek out electro-mechanical technicians with knowledge of photonics to help implement and maintain automated processes.”

To get a job as a technician, you generally need additional education after high school to learn the specialized skills and knowledge required. Typically an associate’s degree or post-secondary certificate is necessary.

Mechatronics Technology at ICC

ICC offers two different mechatronics programs to prepare students for a career in the field. One is a Certificate program designed to help students enter the workforce quickly and the other is an Associate of Applied Science degree to help students get more in-depth mechatronics training.

The Mechatronics Certificate prepares graduates for technical positions in the expanding field of electrical/mechanical systems installation and service. This program is also intended for the individual who wishes to upgrade skills or to prepare for a career as a multi-skilled maintenance technician. The Mechatronics Certificate provides the student the opportunity to earn a certificate, enter the workforce, and then continue towards an Associate Degree without losing potential wages.

The Mechatronics Technology program will use lecture and hands-on laboratory experience to prepare the graduate for employment in industry/business and an electro-mechanical maintenance technician by educating them in the knowledge, skills, and behaviors as a mechatronics technician. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates will be awarded an Associate in Applied Science degree.

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Benefits of ICC

Whether you are enrolling in college classes for the very first time, picking up some coursework to re-tool your skills, filling a gap in your college education, or just wanting to learn something new for the fun of it, ICC can meet your needs.

Quality Education

At ICC, our professors will help prepare you for your next step in the workforce or at a 4-year institution. In fact, our students that transfer often have a higher GPA than native students.

Stackable Careers

We work to create programs that provide the necessary skills to fill in-demand jobs. That way you can start working on a family-sustaining wage sooner. As your career advances, you can build upon your initial certificate or degree with extra courses.


We make our tuition as affordable as possible to help make it easier to get your degree or certificate. In fact, annual tuition is about $4,300-$4,400 without financial aid ($143 per semester hour for District 514 Residents).